Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to packaging, product protection for TeaGschwendner comes first. It is our aim to guarantee the highest product safety and best taste and to use environmentally friendly packaging materials as far as possible.

It is a great challenge to reconcile these two approaches. Nevertheless, in order to find suitable packaging solutions in a dynamic market with constantly new possibilities and developments, we work together with renowned partners from the packaging industry.

For wood and paper products, we take care to use FSC-certified goods whenever possible. By using FSC-certified wood and paper products, we make a conscious decision to use forest resources sparingly. The aim of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is to promote environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forestry worldwide.

In addition, we deliberately use the scope for the use of recycled and recyclable materials for products for which product protection requirements permit.

For enjoying tea responsibly with every cup!

New Packaging for MasterBag Pyramid

When developing the new MasterBag Pyramid range, the focus was not only on a fresh, modern look, but also on the desire for more sustainability in packaging. The new packaging material comes mainly from renewable raw materials and FSC-certified materials. This enabled us to achieve several positive effects at once:

"The aim was to realign the packaging with sustainability, product protection and environmental aspects in mind and to create a fresh design for the relaunch. In addition to better handling and optimum aroma protection, the new materials also enhance the taste experience in the cup even further." (Managing Director and Chef-Tea Taster Thomas Holz)

Cardboard box: made from FSC mix of responsibly managed forests and controlled origin.

Aroma protection cover: consists of 88% paper. The paper also comes from certified responsible forestry (FSC®).

Pyramid bags: made of 100% biodegradable plastic (industrially compostable according to European standard EN 13432).

With the barrier paper, we have fortunately found a paper-based solution for the aroma protective covers of the new pyramid bags. Thanks to its integrated barrier functionality, the functional paper does not require any additional special coatings or lamination. This is in line with our customers' wishes and our own claim to use an alternative to films and plastics. At the same time, the barrier paper offers a high degree of security, so that product protection is also optimally guaranteed:

"Product protection is our top priority. After all, it is about the health of our consumers and the protection of valuable goods, in which many precious resources are already tied up." (Jonathan Gschwendner)

Another reason for us to choose the paper-based solution was that the packaging material is mainly made from renewable raw materials. The functional paper is made of 88% FSC-certified paper, which protects valuable forest resources. In addition, the lower C02 emission during production compared to other alternative materials such as aluminium composites was an important decision criterion. Independent measurements by Ecoinvent have shown that our paper-based barrier solution of 157 g/m2 C02 emits only half as much C02 during production as the aluminium-coated, fossil-based composite solution of 313 g/m2 C02.

Our new herbal tea packaging

Even the tried and tested should be put to the test from time to time. That's why we decided to completely overhaul our herbal tea packaging. In addition to a uniform design with a higher recognition value as well as even better product and transport protection, the issue of sustainability was also clearly the focus of the redesign. After extensive research and intensive testing, the decision was finally made in favour of a box containing 40% grass fibre. Compared to conventional virgin fibre cartons, it is particularly resource-saving, as the production of raw materials requires less water and energy. The new herbal tea box is also 100% recyclable and can be disposed of as paper waste.


The herbal tea itself is packed in a transparent bag made of 89% renewable raw materials (cellulose from responsible forestry). The transparent bag is both industrially and garden compostable according to European standard EN 13432 and "OK Compost Home" standard. It can be disposed of via the garden compost or the recycling bin (Gelber Sack). Disposal via the organic waste bin is also possible depending on the responsible disposal company, simply ask your local disposal company.

Box: made of 40% grass fibre from sun-dried grass from regional meadows. 100% recyclable. Disposal with paper waste.

Transparent bag inside: made of 89% renewable raw materials (cellulose from responsible forestry) – industrially and garden compostable according to European standard EN 13432 and "OK Compost Home" standard.

Environmentally friendly foils for tea presents

We also focus on the conservation of resources when packaging our high-quality tea presents: the transparent bag used is declared Eco Friendly and consists of 89% renewable raw materials (cellulose from responsible forestry) - industrial and garden compostable according to European Norm EN 13432 and <<OK Compost Home>> standard. This is the same material that is used in our herbal tea packagings.

The challenges in the search for sustainable packaging materials

The sustainability of our products and their packaging is a central theme in the consideration and development of our product range. We want to offer our customers the best quality, maximum safety and environmentally friendly materials. So that you, dear tea lovers, can continue to enjoy your tea with a clear conscience! The demands on the packaging of our high-quality teas are therefore extremely complex. On the one hand, the packaging must optimally protect the tea from environmental influences and guarantee safe and undamaged transport. On the other hand, it should be visually and haptically convincing and provide sufficient space for important product information. After all, machine processing as well as good handling and functionality of the materials also play a decisive role.

Material search

In order to be able to fulfil all these functions and at the same time also enable a good production-technical handling, a material must achieve a lot. It is not easy to find an ecological material that has the above-mentioned properties and is also easy to handle in production. The search for sustainable packaging materials costs time, nerves and money - but it is worth it!

Our packaging experts and quality managers are fully committed to the continuous improvement of our packaging, both in terms of safety and quality and in terms of sustainability. Wherever possible, we use FSC-certified materials for wood and paper products. Where product protection requirements allow, we use recycled and recyclable materials. We also regularly test new innovations in this field, such as grass paper, to see whether they are suitable for the safe storage of our teas.

Our sustainability goal

We can only achieve the greatest possible sustainability by minimizing our packaging materials to the greatest possible extent. Our goal is therefore a constant reduction of the materials used. Since it is not possible to completely dispense with packaging for various reasons (product protection and safety, transport, etc.), we will continue our efforts to find and use even better packaging materials in the future. We take the desire of our customers for more sustainability seriously and are proud of every step we can take together towards a future free of packaging!