Fruit tisanes can be as diverse as the produce aisle of your local grocery store. Pleasantly tangy and boldly fruity, they often brew up a bright crimson red in the cup and make delicious iced teas. The classic ingredients of any Fruit tisane are vitamin C-rich hibiscus, rose hips, apple, lemon and orange. A fruity, fine acidic, bright red infusion and a refreshing, healthy cup are the delights of fruit tea lovers.

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Summer Set
  • 22.750 KD
Berry Heaven No.1659 - Tea G
Berry Heaven No.1659
  • From 3.500 KD
Blood Orange Organic No.1418 - Tea G
Blood Orange Organic No.1418
  • 5.500 KD
  • From 2.280 KD
Candy Apple Tea No.1489 - Tea G
Candy Apple Tea No.1489
  • 2.250 KD
  • From 1.460 KD
Cherry-Banana Flip No.1446 - Tea G
Cherry-Banana Flip No.1446
  • From 3.100 KD
Cranberry No.1422 - Tea G
Cranberry No.1422
  • From 3.300 KD
Fruit Paradise No.1435 - Tea G
Fruit Paradise No.1435
  • From 2.700 KD
Gregory´s™  No.1437 - Tea G
Gregory´s™ No.1437
  • 3.100 KD
  • From 2.020 KD
Acerola Fruit Tea No.1400 - Tea G
Acerola Fruit Tea No.1400
  • 2.450 KD
  • From 1.590 KD
Magic Flute™ No.1499 - Tea G
Magic Flute™ No.1499
  • From 2.900 KD

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Orange-Carrot No.1469
  • From 3.200 KD
Passion Fruit No.1637 - Tea G
Passion Fruit No.1637
  • From 4.000 KD
Peach Melba No.1479 - Tea G
Peach Melba No.1479
  • From 2.350 KD
Peach Turmeric No.1653 - Tea G
Peach Turmeric No.1653
  • From 2.800 KD
Pineapple-Stinging Nettle  No.1408 - Tea G
Pineapple-Stinging Nettle No.1408
  • From 2.500 KD
Pomegranate-Mint (Organic) No.1436 - Tea G
Pomegranate-Mint (Organic) No.1436
  • 3.000 KD
  • From 1.950 KD
Red Fruit Compote No.1485 - Tea G
Red Fruit Compote No.1485
  • From 2.500 KD

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Rose Hips-Hibiscus Organic No.1441 - Tea G
Rose Hips-Hibiscus Organic No.1441
  • From 3.000 KD