Quality and pureness

As in the case of wine or whiskey, all that counts is the quality! Even though Matcha only accounts for a very small part of the world’s tea harvest, there are huge differences in the quality.

Real Matcha originates in Japan. Over the course of 800 years, the processing has been perfected and still continues. Matcha is not a protected expression, however. That is why “Matcha” from China or Korea can be found. But mostly, they only have the name in common.

The diligence during the cultivation and processing, climate conditions, soils and altitude are responsible for the quality of the finished Matcha product. Additionally, the size of the grinded powder and nutritional content play a significant role in deciding the quality and class.

Matcha has an intensive-green colour, with a fresh and lightly grassy smell, with a full-bodied and decently sweet taste.

Trust the proved quality. Our laboratory examines every tea for pesticide residues or radioactivity before it is shipped to Germany. Only residue-free teas are accepted. That is one of the reasons why we have decided on Matcha tea from a 100 % organic cultivation. See for yourself!