Ensuring Quality

TeaGschwendner Food Chemistry Laboratory

Security and control - these are the key words that have led to the establishment of the company's own laboratory. Can't so-called independent laboratories perform their tasks just as well or even better?

Consumer development itself has provided the answer. The quality awareness of Europeans is constantly increasing - and with it the linking of the quality concept with factors such as residue control and food safety. Objective and objectifiable criteria that increasingly influence perception and purchasing decisions.

Sustainably controlled quality

TeaGschwendner has been working true to the guiding principle of environmentally friendly and controlled tea cultivation since its foundation. After the laboratories in Germany operated for a long time with different devices / methods, for example sample extraction, and ergo also with different test results, TeaGschwendner has – in the sense of its customers and the good tea reputation since the turn of the millennium – given a direction with which the company and its tea customers can enjoy sustainably controlled and clean teas.

Our promise of quality

  1. We base our purchasing on consistently reliable results.
  2. We monitor the analysis method at all times, set strict standards beyond the statutory regulations and react quickly.
  3. We check the purchase samples that have withstood sensory testing without delay.
  4. We analyse the incoming goods immediately.
  5. We test the product in every phase using batch or production samples.