Association for Organic Agriculture

In 1982, the organic association Naturland e.V. was founded by a small group of farmers, merchants, traders and scientists who recognised the challenges of the increasingly industrialised agricultural and food sector at an early stage. The vision of an ecological-social agriculture based on fertile soils and natural diversity, as well as the goal of farming in solidarity and not stopping at borders, still guides Naturland's work today. Today, Naturland is one of the most important organic associations in the world: 70,000 farmers in almost 60 countries, including 4,000 producers in Germany, currently work according to Naturland's strict standards. Together with about 1,000 partner enterprises, Naturland farmers produce valuable foodstuffs from apples to tea!

The production and processing of all products produced according to Naturland's standards protect the environment and safeguard jobs. Naturland farmers and processors work to the highest ecological standards, which are stricter than the legal requirements of the EC Organic Regulation and are based on a holistic system-oriented approach. The social responsibility of all Naturland members has been firmly anchored in the standards since 2005. Naturland's goal is 100% organic and fair farming worldwide and thus aims to establish the modern and most sustainable form of land management as a guiding principle for agricultural policy. More information at: