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1. Premium Quality

TeaGschwendner aspires to the highest standards of product quality and freshness. Only a tiny, elite fraction of the annual world tea harvest – a mere 0.5% – is considered for purchase by our Master Tea Tasters. Our close personal relationships with small, self-employed growers ensure a level of quality and rarity that cannot be found elsewhere in the market.

2. Safety

Buying tea is a matter of trust. We thoroughly test every tea – before and after purchase – for pesticide and heavy metal residues. Our scientists perform our tests at our own in-house laboratory according to reliable and verified methods far stricter than the law requires.

3. Price and Value

From the very beginning, TeaGschwendner has been committed to the concepts governing environmentally sustainable tea cultivation. Fairtrade and organically grown tea are of special importance to us. Teas of excellent quality and freshness have their price. We understand the value, and we pledge to our customers that, at TeaGschwendner, each gram of tea is worth its price!

4. Expertise

TeaGschwendner possesses expertise at every level of tea production. Our experts advise tea makers across the world on cultivation and processing techniques. Our tea tasters ensure that we select only the highest quality products, while our team of scientists and technicians guarantees their purity and consistency.

5. Resource conservation

Resource conservation is of trend-setting importance for our actions and the future of our company, our country, the earth and the entire population of the world. Together with our franchise partners and all people and companies involved in the value creation process, we have formulated the goal of permanently working on improving resource-saving production and environmental management, as well as using renewable, responsibly produced raw materials wherever possible.