Careful Organic cultivation and processing is required to achieve high-quality results. Many of our Organic herbs and spices are only harvested, according to tradition, on special days of the year. Delicate hand harvesting and packaging ensures that our botanicals arrive fresh and intact, ready to release their full flavor into your teacup. We hope that you enjoy these time-honored, natural wonders. Relax. Take a deep breath. Refocus. Make yourself a warming, delicious mug of Organic Herbal tea.

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Anise-Caraway-Fennel Organic No.1250 - Tea G
Anise-Caraway-Fennel Organic No.1250
  • 3.000 KD
Applemint Organic No.1120 - Tea G
Applemint Organic No.1120
  • 3.250 KD
Camomile Blossom Tea Organic No.1139 - Tea G
Camomile Blossom Tea Organic No.1139
  • 4.250 KD
Chocolate Enlightenment ™ Organic No.1279 - Tea G
Chocolate Enlightenment ™ Organic No.1279
  • 3.000 KD
Fennel Tea  Organic No.1236 - Tea G
Fennel Tea Organic No.1236
  • 3.000 KD
For Sleepyheads™ Organic No.1263 - Tea G
For Sleepyheads™ Organic No.1263
  • 4.250 KD
Ginger Lemongrass  Organic No.1253 - Tea G
Ginger Lemongrass Organic No.1253
  • 3.500 KD
Ginger Organic No.1241 - Tea G
Ginger Organic No.1241
  • 3.500 KD
Ginger-Turmeric No.1244 - Tea G
Ginger-Turmeric No.1244
  • 3.500 KD
Gourmet Herbal Tea No.1235 - Tea G
Gourmet Herbal Tea No.1235
  • 3.500 KD
Greek Mountain Tea Organic  No.1127 - Tea G
Greek Mountain Tea Organic No.1127
  • 3.000 KD
Hibiscus Blossom Organic  No.1238 - Tea G
Hibiscus Blossom Organic No.1238
  • 2.250 KD

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Hurricane Herbal Tea ™ Organic No.1161 - Tea G
Hurricane Herbal Tea ™ Organic No.1161
  • 4.250 KD
Late Summer Love ™ Organic No.1159 - Tea G
Late Summer Love ™ Organic No.1159
  • 2.750 KD
Lemon Grass Organic No.1141 - Tea G
Lemon Grass Organic No.1141
  • 3.000 KD
Linden Blossom Tea Organic No.1240 - Tea G
Linden Blossom Tea Organic No.1245
  • 2.500 KD
Maté Green Organic No.1195 - Tea G
Maté Green Organic No.1195
  • 2.500 KD
Mogli Chai Organic No.1268 - Tea G
Mogli Chai Organic No.1268
  • 4.000 KD