Preparing tea

Sensual pleasure

Different growing areas, tea plants, production methods, seasons – the varieties and tastes are endless. For us, tea is the most singular beverage of all. The preparation depends on crucial criteria such as quality of the tea and water, the quantity of tea and infusion time, but also on your own mood. The same tea variety can taste different from day to day and there are many possible reasons why.

Your tea your way! Our general advice for preparation: make your tea in a fashion that best suits your taste. In other words, it’s your cup of tea! For most tea lovers, preparing tea is not an annoying task but one of the day’s pleasures and the ritual of brewing your favorite cup is always a time to look forward to.

You will find our preparation tips for each tea. Each and every tea variety of ours is tested with different water, temperature, measurements and infusion times to get the perfect result (from our expert’s view).

Our recommendations are given in Tealamass and gram. We have developed the Tealamass especially for the correct measurements of our tea. The indication is always based on smooth water. Hard water (high mineral content) changes the taste of tea, but you can improve the taste by adding more tea. For hard and chalky water, we recommend the usage of a water filter.

Further, we recommend storing the tea in a cool, dry and light-protected environment. A closed tin made of porcelain or metal ensures long-lasting aroma preservation.