Whether black tea, green tea or whit tea - the variety in combination with flowers, leaves, spices, oils and flavors is endless. whether a strong Earl Grey with a citrus-fresh note of bergamot, fruity blends such as Arabian Nights. Our exquisite selection of flavored teas offers an exquisite taste experience for every palate. Immerse yourself in the fragrant exciting world of our flavored teas - there are no limits to your imagination! 

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Arabian Night™ No.901 - Tea G
Arabian Night™ No.901
  • From 3.500 KD

Sold out

Blood Orange Organic No.959 - Tea G
Blood Orange Organic No.959
  • From 2.650 KD
Caipirinha No.997 - Tea G
Caipirinha No.997
  • From 3.550 KD
China Royal Jasmine Curls Organic No.934 - Tea G
China Royal Jasmine Curls Organic No.937
  • From 8.500 KD
Christmas White Tea No.998 - Tea G
Christmas White Tea No.998
  • From 3.700 KD

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Coffee Toffee No.1665 - Tea G
Coffee Toffee No.1665
  • From 3.500 KD
Cranberry Mango No.920 - Tea G
Cranberry Mango No.920
  • From 3.600 KD
Earl Grey Imperior No.923 - Tea G
Earl Grey Imperior No.923
  • From 4.100 KD
Earl Grey Lavender Organic No.918 - Tea G
Earl Grey Lavender Organic No.918
  • From 3.500 KD
Earl Grey no.69 No.922 - Tea G
Earl Grey no.69 No.922
  • 36.000 KD
  • 30.600 KD
Earl Grey Organic No.938 - Tea G
Earl Grey Organic No.938
  • From 4.500 KD
Earl Grey's Lady Violet No.935 - Tea G
Earl Grey's Lady Violet No.935
  • From 3.200 KD
Ginger Grapefruit Organic No.909 - Tea G
Ginger Grapefruit Organic No.909
  • From 3.600 KD
Ginger Orange Organic No.940 - Tea G
Ginger Orange Organic No.940
  • From 2.950 KD
Green Coconut No.974 - Tea G
Green Coconut No.974
  • From 2.850 KD
Grenoille™ Peaches & Cream No.931 - Tea G
Grenoille™ Peaches & Cream No.931
  • From 3.200 KD
Japanese Cherry No.941 - Tea G
Japanese Cherry No.941
  • From 3.150 KD
Karl-Heinz, The Autumn Tea™ No.946 - Tea G
Karl-Heinz, The Autumn Tea™ No.946
  • From 3.000 KD