Terms of service

By accessing the website and ratifying the agreement, you are eligible to order from the website.

Tea G  is a company specializes in selling variety types of Tea and pots and other products. The website provides consumers with a simple and convenient service that connects them to Tea G store.

Consumers (“Consumer”), can shop online through accessing Tea G website, the consumer can select the desired product and fill in his information and select the desired payment method, the website send to the store details of the order, the store then receives the order and after the payment has been accepted, Tea G will deliver the selected product to the address provided by the consumer.

The consumer is responsible of the accuracy of his information and of the address location provided by him and any delays or mistakes occurs from inaccurate information Tea G cannot be held liable.

The consumers are advised to receive the order from the delivery company as soon as the are contacted by them, and Tea G cannot be held responsible for any products which are refused to be delivered or gone off due to non-receipt by the consumers and cannot compensate the consumer in this case.

Consumers agree to conform and adhere to the country local rules, regulations, and laws of Kuwait.

In case of the wrong package has arrive instead of the selected choice, consumers are advised not to open it and if they open the package, Tea G are not liable to change it or compensate the consumer.

Tea G products are completely safe and Tea G is not responsible of any medical allergies which can be suffered from some of consumers and it is the consumer duty to carefully read the ingredients and avoid any ingredient he/she allergic from.


Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

We also collect data in a form that does not, on its own, permit direct association with any specific individual. We may collect, use, transfer, and disclose non-personal information for any purpose. The following are some examples of non-personal information that we collect and how we may use it:

 We may collect information such as profession, language, zip code, area code, unique device identifier, reference URL, location and time zone in which Tg Tea service is used so that we can better understand customer behavior and improve our products, services, and advertising.

 We may collect information related to customer activities on our website, online platform and our Platforms. This information is collected and used to help us provide more useful information to our customers and understand which parts of our site, our products and services are of most interest.

Collected data is considered non-personal information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

We may collect and store details about how you use our services, including search queries. This information may be used to improve the relevance of the results provided by our services. Except in limited cases to ensure the quality of our online services.

If we combine non-personal information with personal information, the combined information will be treated as personal information as long as it remains combined.