Organic Matcha Tea

Discover the special TeaGschwendner Matcha range: best Matcha tea for beginners, for every day, for your personal ceremony or Matcha of the finest quality for real tea masters. Matcha - THE superfood - is a real energy booster and provides many valuable ingredients. For its production only the best Japanese green teas (Tenchas) are used, which are temporarily overshadowed during the growth phase. In traditional stone mills, the tea leaves are then ground into finest green tea powder.


What is Matcha?

Matcha is a high-quality powdered green tea and is one of the oldest teas in Japan. It has been used for meditation by Zen Buddhist monks for over 800 years. Matcha tea leaves are shaded during growth and the freshly dried leaves are slowly ground to a fine, jade-green powder after harvesting in granite stone mills. A stone mill grinds about 30-40g of tea per hour, which is about the equivalent of a can of Matcha.


Highest standards of quality and purity

Trust in our Matcha's proven quality. Before shipping to Germany, our laboratory tests every Matcha for possible residues of pesticides or radioactivity. Only residue-free teas are accepted. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to buy 100% organic Matcha tea.


Preparation of Matcha

In contrast to leaf tea, Matcha tea is traditionally whipped foamily in a Matcha bowl (Chawan) with a special Matcha whisk made of bamboo (Chasen) and drunk immediately afterwards. The Matcha powder is measured with a special bamboo spoon, the so-called Chashaku. After adding some hot water (about 60-80° C), the Matcha is foamed in fast Z-shaped movements. If you foam your Matcha in this way, you will slowly feel the fascination of the Japanese tea ceremony. The pleasant sound of the bamboo whisking the tea finely and the slowly rising aroma of the Matcha already awaken the senses.