How do I prepare Green Tea correctly?


Tea preparation is much easier than you might think at first - even with Green Tea!

We will show you in 4 simple steps how to prepare a perfect Green Tea

1. Measure the Tea

Measure the recommended tea amount with our easy-to-use Tealamass or by weighing the tea to the exact gram in your infusion pot using a scale.

2. Add the correct amount of water

Please pay attention: The water temperature is crucial, especially with Green Tea! After boiling, let the water cool down to 70/80/90 ° C (see tea bag label). A special Green Tea thermometer may help!

3. Allow the tea to brew

Start the tea timer as soon as the water touches the tea leaves. You can find the exact brewing time for your tea on the tea bag label.

4. Filter the tea

Now pour the tea through a filter into your serving pot or lift your filter from your mug.

And your perfect Green Tea is ready!