Winter Collection

As the Winter season seems to begin, nothing can beat a cup of hot tea when the temperatures begin to drop.

If you’re looking to stock up on delicious, seasonal teas for the upcoming winter season, you’re in the right place.

Explore our collection of the best warming and authentic tea for this winter.

31 products found in Winter Collection

Ginger Organic No.1241 - Tea G
Ginger Organic No.1241
  • 3.500 KD
Ginger Lemongrass  Organic No.1253 - Tea G
Ginger Lemongrass Organic No.1253
  • 3.500 KD
Green Rooibos Ginger-Lemon Organic No.1378 - Tea G
Green Rooibos Ginger-Lemon Organic No.1378
  • From 2.900 KD
Winter Magic™ No.1320 - Tea G
Winter Magic™ No.1320
  • From 2.800 KD
Rooibos Plum Cinnamon No.1321 - Tea G
Rooibos Plum Cinnamon No.1321
  • From 2.200 KD
Rooibos African Chai No.1305 - Tea G
Rooibos African Chai No.1305
  • 2.650 KD
  • From 2.000 KD
Morrocan Mint Organic No.949 - Tea G
Morrocan Mint Organic No.949
  • From 3.600 KD
Le Touareg organic No.915 - Tea G
Le Touareg organic No.915
  • From 3.000 KD
Indian Chai Organic  No.780 - Tea G
Indian Chai Organic No.781
  • From 2.800 KD
Ginger Grapefruit Organic No.909 - Tea G
Ginger Grapefruit Organic No.909
  • From 3.600 KD
Christmas White Tea No.998 - Tea G
Christmas White Tea No.998
  • From 3.700 KD
Mogli Chai Organic No.1268 - Tea G
Mogli Chai Organic No.1268
  • 4.000 KD
Snowman No.1040 - Tea G
Snowman No.1040
  • From 3.500 KD
Ginger Orange Organic No.940 - Tea G
Ginger Orange Organic No.940
  • 2.950 KD
  • From 2.200 KD

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Ginger Slices No.3051 - Tea G
Ginger Slices No.3051
  • 3.500 KD
Chocolate Enlightenment ™ Organic No.1279 - Tea G
Chocolate Enlightenment ™ Organic No.1279
  • 3.000 KD
Ayuveda Tea Kapha Organic No.1297 - Tea G
Ayuveda Tea Kapha Organic No.1297
  • From 5.550 KD
Maté Green Organic No.1195 - Tea G
Maté Green Organic No.1195
  • 2.500 KD