Chai Tea! the Indian style tea enjoyment

With Chai tea we usually mean the Indian national drink Masala Chai which is drunk with milk and sugar. The word Masala Chai roughly translates as spiced tea that has become very popular all over the world.

In our tea assortment there are several types of Chai tea. Choose what you like  for a quick and easy preparation:


Indian Chai Organic

This classic Indian Chai is strong, spicy and typically Indian. The round blend of strong black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and pepper tastes especially good with a shot of milk and, depending on taste, with a little sugar. Alternatively, the Indian Chai can also be boiled up in a pot with milk and then poured into the cup through a sieve.


Kashmir Khali-Kahwa

Kashmir Khali-Kahwa means "beautiful, good cup" in the Indian language. Indeed, tea lovers can expect a special treat here, because in addition to black tea and the classic Chai spices, a green tea base and orange peel are also used here. This gives this "green" chai a particularly fruity and tangy note - a tasty alternative to classic Indian Chai!


Rooibos African Chai

This Rooibos-based Chai is especially suitable for the evening as well as for children and people who are particularly sensitive to caffeine. Rooibos African Chai is slightly sweeter than the Indian original, thanks to the rooibos that has no caffeine. It contains classic Chai spices such as cinnamon, aniseed, orange peel and ginger which provides the typical Chai taste. It can also be enhanced with milk and a little bit of sugar or sweetener.


Mogli Chai Organic 


Exotic tea pleasure in the evening with Mogli Chai

Also, completely caffeine free this organic chai variant - it even comes without tea at all! the typical Chai spices are simply mixed and prepared with hot water or milk. This Chai can also be enjoyed during the day as well as in the evening as it contains no stimulating caffeine.


Chocolate Enlightenment Organic  

Chai spices like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and chicory with cocoa shells. – it even comes without tea at all! A wonderfully chocolaty Chai variant for gourmets and lovers of mild spiced teas, which also contains no caffeine.